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LÉ Eithne P31

LÉ Eithne P31

LÉ Eithne P31

She was built in Verlome Dockyard in Cork and was commissioned into service in 1984. L.É. EITHNE patrols the Irish EEZ and over the years she has completed numerous foreign deployments. The equipment fit was to a very high standard and included the Naval Services first operations room which integrated control of armament and aircraft to a designated centre, remote from the bridge.

Ship's Name

Many characters named Eithne exist in Irish Classical Literature. One was the daughter of the Fomorian King Balor. The name means ‘Sweet Kernel’ and she was renowned for her beauty.

Significant History

In the summer of 1986 L.É. EITHNE scored a notable first, by becoming the first Irish Naval Ship to cross the Atlantic, when she sailed to the United States, visiting Hamilton, New York and Boston. Since then L.É. EITHNE has crossed the Atlantic several times and crossed the equator in 2006 during her historic South American Deployment.

Ship's Characteristics
TypeHelicopter Patrol Vessel
Main Engines2 X Ruston 12RKC Diesels6, 800 HP2 Shafts
Speed18 knots
Range7000 Nautical Miles @ 15 knots
Crew55 (6 Officers)
Commissioned7 December 1984

Weaponary Aboard
Main ArmamentBofors 57mm Canon LIOD Fire Control System
Secondary Armament2 X 20mm Rheinmetall Canon
Small Arms

Various small arms ranging from:
9mm Pistol to 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun