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Application Process

Frequently asked Questions in relation to the application process for the Defence Forces

Where can I find an application form to apply to join the Defence Forces?

Application forms to enlist in the Defence Forces are only found on this web site and are ONLY available when the various recruitment competitions are open. The Defence Forces does not accept applications when competitions are no longer active.

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What are ability/aptitude tests or psychometric tests?

Aptitude tests or psychometric tests are assessments which measure individual differences in many areas including personality, motivation, aptitude and abilities.

Why are aptitudes used?

Aptitude tests are a common part of the selection process and enable the Defence Forces to better understand candidates and determine if they have the skills for the job.

Why am I undertaking On-Line Ability Assessments?

The Defence Forces are using on-line ability assessments as part of the General Service recruitment process. These assessments are shown to be accurate predictors of on-the-job performance for soldiers and sailors.

Will the tests be supervised?

The initial online tests will be completed unsupervised. Candidates that are called forward to the next stage of the competition may be re-tested under supervised conditions. Any significant discrepancies between the initial unsupervised test and the supervised re-test, may result in applicants being eliminated from the selection process.

How do I access the On-Line Assessments?

You will receive an e-mail invitation from The email will contain a URL which will bring you to an online login page.

What do I need to undertake the On-Line Ability Assessment?

You are advised to take the tests on a PC or a laptop
Allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the assessments
A quiet environment where you will not be disturbed

Will I have an opportunity to practice the On-Line Assessments before I commence?

Yes. You can complete practice tests which will help you to become familiar with the layout of the tests and the type of information you will be presented with in the real tests. You may complete these as many times as you like, and your responses will not be recorded.

How long will the On-Line Assessments take to complete?

30 minutes approx. You must work quickly and accurately through the questions to answer as many as possible.

I have a learning difficulty. What should I do?

If the Online Aptitude Assessment stage of the Army General Service Enlistment Competition is likely to pose a particular difficulty for you due to learning difficulties, please contact and outline your specific requirements.

What is the Physical Fitness Induction Test

This test is designed to test the candidate's current level of physical fitness, the candidate displays to the Board his/her capacity to undergo the rigours of military training.

It is composed of two aspects:

  • Local Muscular Endurance
  • Aerobic Endurance.

Local Muscular Endurance

  • Males - 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups.
  • Females - 20 push-ups (Modified) and 20 sit-ups.

Max time allowed 1 minute. This is a Pass or Fail test.

Aerobic Endurance

Candidates will be required to run one and a half (1 & 1/2) miles within the Defence Forces time limit below.These are the max times allowed. This is a Pass or Fail test.

  • Males - 11 Mins 40 secs
  • Females - 13 Mins 10 Secs.

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