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Defence Forces Families

Defence Forces Families has been designed to provide support to spouses, partners and parents of Defence Forces Personnel stationed on island or serving on an overseas deployment, and veterans. The site provides a wide range of resources, which includes information and guide on wellness, coping with deployments, links to useful services and contact information for the Personnel Support Service.

About US

The Defence Forces recognise the important role families play in supporting our personnel and through the Personnel Support Service (PSS) are committed helping you to help support your loved one.


When you click on this link, you will be taken to the Personnel Support Service (PSS) Resources section. These links are provided as additional support to members and their family support structures.

Overseas Deployment

Overseas deployment can be challenging for both personnel serving overseas and their families. The purpose of this section is to provide families and partners of personnel serving overseas with information about the emotional cycle of deployment...


A military veteran is a person who has served and is no longer serving in the Defence Forces. Today, the Defence Forces supports its Military Veterans from the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service. This section provides information on veteran associati...


In this section the Personal Support Service (PSS) will make available publications, of interest, for Defence Forces members and their families.

Gender, Diversity, Equality

We understand Gender Equality to mean the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for women and men. Equality aims to ensure everyone is treated fairly and is provided with the same opportunities.The Defence Forces aims to raise awareness o...

Links Page

This page provides a variety of links to various sites that may be of interest to families of Defence Forces personnel.

Contact Information

Personnel Support Services (PSS) can be contacted at any time. Listed is is the contact numbers and locations for the Defence Forces Personnel Support Services, Medical and Chaplaincy Services