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Naval Operations Command

Naval Operations Command

Naval Operations Command is tasked with the conduct of all operations afloat and ashore by the Naval Service including the operations of Naval Service ships. The Officer Commanding Naval Operations Command (OCNOC), reporting to FOCNS, commands the operational resources of the Naval Service both afloat and ashore. Naval Operation ommand is split into different sections these include:

  • Operations HQ
  • Intelligence and Fishery Section
  • Shore Operations

OCNOC operates form Operations Command HQ. Under Operations Command HQ comes the Intelligence and Fishery Section and Flotilla Support Section.

Intelligence and Fishery Section

The Intelligence and Fishery Section is responsible for Naval Intelligence, the Specialist Navigation centre, the Fishery Protection supervisory & information centre, and the Naval Computer Centre. The outline responsibilities of the four sub sections are as follows. The Naval Intelligence Cell is responsible for the collection, collation and dissemination of Naval Intelligence. The Navigation Cell is the naval centre for Navigational expertise and is the chart depot for the NS. It provides expert navigational support for the NS and to NS client agencies. It is responsible for policing the currency of navigational equipment, procedures and standards. It is also responsible for equipment specification, analysis and acquisition. The Fishery Monitoring Centre provides for fishery data collection, collation, analysis and dissemination to the NS and NS client agencies. The centre also supervises fishery efforts in the Irish economic zone and provides data for the enhanced effectiveness of fishery protection operations. The Naval Computer Centre provides an Information Technology (IT) support service to the Naval Service ashore and afloat.


Fleet Operational Readiness Standards and Training (FORST) is responsible for the co-ordination of the fleets needs. It is also responsible for the keeping the high standards the public expect from Irelands primary sea-going agency. This is achieved by guidance, training and internal audits and inspections.

Shore Operations

This unit comprises of the following sections. The HQ Section which includes specific responsibility for the Executive/Operations Branch duties. The Naval Service Operations Room which is a co-ordination centre for all NS current Operations. Naval Service Reserve Staff Officer is responsible for the supervision, regulation and training of the NSR through the NSR cadres. The Diving Section which is responsible for all aspects of Naval Diving and the provision of a diving service to the NS and NS client agencies. The Ops Security Section which is responsible for the co-ordination of Base Security and the co-ordination of all shore based security parties operating away from the Naval Base. The section also provides a waterborne service as required for the NS and NS clients. The Naval Base Comcen which is responsible for the running of a communications service for the NS, including the operation and maintenance of phone exchange and the internal phone lines. Boat Transport which is under the control of Harbour Master Naval Base is responsible for the supervision of berthage at the Naval Base and the provision of a boat service, including the civilian manned ferry service from Haulbowline.