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About the DFTC

About the Defence Forces Training Centre

The Defence Forces Training Centre is the centre of excellence for all Defence Forces training, education and logistical units. The units of the DFTC include:

  • The Defence Forces Training Centre Headquarters
  • The Military College
  • The Communications and Information Services Group
  • The Engineer Group
  • The Ordnance Group
  • The Military Police Group
  • The Transport Group
  • A detachment of the Central Medical Unit
  • 1 Mechanised Infantry Company
  • 1 Armoured Cavalry Squadron
  • The Army Ranger Wing

Area of Responsibility

The DFTC encompasses the Curragh Camp and the Glen of Imaal and offers large outdoor areas for training in activities as diverse as artillery and anti armour firing ranges, cross country driving and FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Areas).


The Military College is the main training unit in the camp with the Command and Staff School, Officer Training Wing, Cadet School, NCO Training Wing, Infantry Weapons Wing, United Nations Training School, Cavalry School, Artillery School, Military Administration School and Defence Forces Physical Education School coming under its command.

Other Training Schools operating in the DFTC are:

  • Communications and Information Services School
  • School of Military Engineering
  • Transport and Vehicle Maintenance School
  • Ordnance School
  • Military Police School

These schools come under the command of their respective Group Commanders.

As the centre of excellence for Defence Forces training the DFTC does not have an Area of Operations however it continues to provide specialist support to on-island operations in both Aid to The Civil Power and Aid to The Civil Authority and to overseas units.