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Defence Forces Ceremonial

The Defence Forces participates in various national ceremonies throughout the year. Each service within the Defence Forces has a designated role to play during these ceremonies.

About Ceremonials

Find out more about our different types of ceremonials

1916 Commemoration

The Defence Forces participates in the Commemoration of the Anniversary of the 1916 Rising. Read about the 1916 Commemoration

Arbour Hill 1916 Ceremony

The Annual 1916 Commemoration Ceremony takes place in May at the Church of the Most Sacred Heart Arbour Hill, Dublin. Read about this ceremony

National Day of Commemoration

In Ireland, the National Day of Commemoration commemorates all Irishmen and Irishwomen who died in past wars or on service with the United Nations. Read about this ceremony

The Escort of Honour

The tradition of the Escort of Honour dates back to the 18th September 1931 when Defence Forces Regulation 62 made provision for a Mounted Escort. Read about the Escort of Honour

The 21 Gun Salute

The reason it’s the number '21', is because as it comes from the tradition of the galley ships emptying their guns as a sign of peace to foreign ports. Read about the 21 gun salute

State and Military Funerals

Read about Military and State funerals

Defence Forces Medals

Military medals are bestowed in recognition of specific acts or service which can vary in signifigance from routine duty to bravery and valour.