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DF Veterans

The Defence Forces supports the following veteran's organisations:

Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel

The Organisation Of National Ex-Service Personnel (O.N.E) now in its sixty seventh year is continually progressing. There are currently forty-two Branches made up of members both here in Ireland and abroad. Even though the Organisation maintains a good working relationship with the Department of Defence and the Defence Forces, ONE is an independent organisation.

Their primary objective of the organisation is their initiatives on homeless and the welfare of ex-service personnel. O.N.E is a registered charity since 2000. O.N.E has also broadened its lobbying abilities to represent ex-service personnel in a wide tract of ancillary areas.

For more Information Visit the O.N.E website >>

Association of Retired Commissioned Officers

ARCO was founded in 1993 and our purpose is to represent retired officers of the Permanent Defence Force of Ireland. We have some 800 members. Our main focus has always been on pension issues and our website enables us to provide members with information on this, along with details on a broad range of issues and events.

For more information Visit the ARCO Website >>

Irish United Nations Veterans Association

The Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA) was formed at a meeting 1990 and approved by the then Minister of Defence. The Association is non-denominational, non-political and non-sectarian. IUNVA is Charity Registered Association. Membership is available to any Irish resident who has successfully completed a tour of duty with a UN Force or Organisation, whether he or she is serving or retired. The Association is organised with a National Executive HQ and a number of "Posts" throughout the country.

The Main Objective of the Association is to ensure that the memory of those who gave their lives in the cause of peace on United Nations service is not forgotten. To remember deceased non-members who served in Defence Forces and Gardaí.

Membership is offered to anyone resident in Ireland not necessarily Irish or an Irish citizen living abroad and ex members of the Defence Forces, Foreign Armies and Gardaí or Civilians who have served at least 90 days service or successfully completed a tour of duty on a UN mission.

For more Information Visit the IUNVA Website >>

Additional Resources

Safe Home Ireland

Safe Home Ireland is a charity that assists older qualifying Irish born emigrants to explore the option of returning to secure affordable housing back in their native areas. Their work is spread across the 26 counties and they provide supports to housing applicants at every stage of their journey, from the initial inquiry abroad to actual return home.

They also provide a free, confidential information and advice service to anyone who may be considering returning or moving to Ireland, regardless of their age or circumstance.

For more information Visit the Safe Home Ireland Website >>

Crosscare Migrant Project

The Crosscare Migrant project is a Dublin based NGO who provide information for Irish citizens who may be considering leaving Ireland or who are returning to Ireland to live.

For more information Visit the Crosscare Migrant Project Website >>

Citizens information

The Citizens Information website provide useful guides on a wide range of topics (Housing /Healthcare/Benefits/Taxation etc). They also have walk in centres located national where experienced staff can assist with issues relevant to you.

For more information Visit the Citizens Information Website >>