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Defence Forces Review

DF Review 2021- Call For Papers

Making Ireland a Better Place to Live: 

Defence Forces Contribution to National Resilience 

This year’s edition of the Defence Forces Review examines the fundamental role that defence plays in making Ireland a better place to live.  Papers are invited exploring how military forces can contribute to wider society and government policy goals given the dynamic and complex nature of the contemporary operating environment. Submissions are invited, inter alia, to address the following questions/issues:

  • How can the Defence Forces enhance national resilience, to cope with ‘Black Swan’ events – characterised by their extreme rarity and severe impact?
  • How can the Defence Forces bolster communities and contribute to social cohesion in Ireland?
  • How can the abilities, talents and service-orientated nature of members of the Reserve Defence Force be better harnessed and integrated into our total force package?
  • Ireland has a unique ‘strategic culture’ derived from our history, economy, geography and political heritage.  How has this strategic culture shaped the way we view defence, the use of the Defence Forces, and the value we place on them as a society?
  • Is the defence sector sufficiently integrated with government departments and state agencies given the complexity and multiplicity of challenges emanating from the contemporary operating environment?  
  • The UN has described climate change as a ‘crisis multiplier’ that has profound implications for peace and security.  What are the likely implications for Ireland’s defence and security landscape arising from climate change?  How can the Defence Forces be part of a more comprehensive national response to climate change?  How can the Defence Forces prepare for threats arising from climate change?
  • Is the Defence Forces doing enough to support indigenous Irish industry in terms of research, innovation and development?  Is Ireland sufficiently leveraging international initiatives to support research and to develop military capability, particularly within the EU?
  • Has the diminished visibility of the Defence Forces within Irish communities in recent years, linked to barrack closures and a significant drop in aid to the civil power operations, created further distance between Ireland’s armed forces and the society they serve? Has this created geographical and psychological shrinkage of the Defence Forces’ footprint within Irish society? If so, how can this physical and cognitive gap be bridged? 

The 2021 Defence Forces Review will be published in collaboration with the Centre for Military History and Strategic Studies at Maynooth University, and we are delighted to have as part of the joint editorial team: Dr. Rory Finegan, Dr. Ian Speller, Comdt Pádraig Brennan and Comdt Paddy Sheahan. The Defence Forces Review will be launched in December 2021.

Based on the above, the editorial team are inviting contributions to the Defence Forces Review 2021.  In the first instance, 300 word abstracts and a brief biographical note (no more than 200 words), should be submitted no later than 31st May 2021.  Based on the review of abstracts, the editorial team will invite final contributions. Final submissions should not exceed 3,000 words, should be referenced in accordance with the Chicago Referencing Style, be in Word (.docx) or equivalent format, and are due no later than 01stAugust 2021.  Final contributions will be subject to a full peer review process and the editorial team will make final editorial decisions.  All abstracts and subsequent final submissions should be directed to and by the deadlines stated above.

DF-Review-2021_Call-for-Papers.pdf (size 200 KB)

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