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Officer Training School


OTS is responsible for the co-ordination of all Officer training catering for Direct Entry Officers, Cadet Entry Officers and Commissioned from the Ranks Officers. The school also supervises Officer Under Training (OUT) at civilian third level institutes and undergoing on the job training in units of the Naval Service.

Cadet Training

Year One

Every Year the Naval Service takes on class of Cadets. OTS Trains Operations Branch Cadets, Marine Engineering Cadets and Electrical Engineering Cadets.  The Naval Cadetship is conducted over two years and six terms. The first year term is basic military training and this incorporates all the branches of Cadets. This training includes weapons, training, marching, physical training, map reading, leadership etc.. The second term is when the Cadets conduct specialist short courses, including communications, seamanship, strategic studies, gunnery, damage control and fire fighting. It is also the term when the Cadets begin their basic navigation training. In term three the Cadets go to sea to experience life onboard one of our ships. This is where the Cadets can put into practical use what they have learned up to this point. They will be incorporated into every facet of ship life and will work in each department onboard.

Year Two

In year two the Cadets begin a Degree Course in Nautical Studies in the NMCI, or in Marine Engineering depending on what branch the Cadet is being trained for. The NMCI is one of the most modern and best equipped, maritime colleges in the World. In term 5 the cadets return to sea again but this time not as a class but will go out individually to ships to begin their integration into the officer life.
Term six is the term in which Cadets go through their final preparations for life as an Officer in the Naval Service. At the end of term six the Cadets will be commissioned in a large ceremony on the Naval Base. This is where friends and family can watch as the Cadets move on to the next stage of their careers, as Commissioned Officers.

Professional Officer Training

On commissioning the new Operations Branch Officers continue their training at sea both with our own naval ships and with merchant ships as part of their BSc. Nautical Science. At the start of the next academic year the Officers Under Training (OUT's) return to the NMCI to complete the third year of their Level 8 degree course. It is on the successful completion of year 3 exams that the OUT’s return once more to sea as a trainee. This is known as the pre- Watchkeeping sea term as it is an intense training period where the OUT’s can prepare themselves for the Naval Watchkeeping Course (NWC). The NWC is the final step before these Officers can take their place as appointed ships Officers holding positions as Navigation Officer, Gunnery Officer or Communications Officer. This qualification goes towards the Level 8 (Hons) Degree.