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The Selection Process

Irish Defence Forces Entry Medical

This video describes what is involved with the medical that each applicant needs to complete for entry into the Defence Forces. 

Defence Forces Entry Fitness Test

This video describes in detail the induction test that each applicant needs to pass. It describes what is involved in the BMI (Body Mass Index) test. It then gives examples of the LME (Local Muscular Endurance) tests and how to complete them correctly. The video then describes that each applicant must pass the 2.4km run and what time males and females need to pass. 

Psychometric Test online

This video describes the psychometric test that each applicant needs to complete as part of the application process. It also gives examples of the questions that can be expected during the test. 

Recruitment Interview

This video describes the interview process and why it is conducted.  

It lets the applicant know what the interview panel consists of, what competencies the questions will be based on and how long the interview might last. 

It also advises on how the applicant should portray themselves during the interview. 


This video describes the oath that each successful applicant must take prior to beginning their training.