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Organisational Culture Standing Committee

The Chief of Staff has stated he is committed to ensuring that the work environment of Óglaigh na hÉireann is a safe, enriching and rewarding one for all who serve, and that the pervading culture in the workplace is underpinned by the principles of dignity, equality, mutual respect and duty of care.

On 01 Oct 21, the Chief of Staff convened an Immediate Actions Group (IAG) in order to coordinate the implementation of a series of measures to contribute to behavioural and cultural change in the Defence Forces. These measures included cooperating with the Department of Defence on the establishment of an independent Confidential Contact Person (CCP). It further included the establishment of a multi-disciplinary Response Team (RT). The aim of the Response Team was to reinforce the critical components of a positive and healthy organisational climate in the Defence Forces.

As the work of the IAG draws to a close, there is a requirement to establish more enduring structures to maintain momentum and drive positive cultural change. The Organisational Culture Standing Committee (OCSC) has now been established in order to drive and coordinate the process of cultural change within the Defence Forces. The Committee is chaired by Brig Gen Mulcahy and includes D J1, D MB, OIC PRB, OIC PSS, the GENAD as well as representatives form J7, the Legal Service and the Formations and Services. Similar structures will be cascaded down to formation and unit level.

The OCSC have been given the following Terms of Reference (TORs):

  1. Provide appropriate military support to the Independent Review.
  2. Establish a cultural change programme, framed around the Chief of Staff’s Planning
    Guidance, and coordinate its implementation. This programme should consider the
    • The requirement for a long term communications campaign.
    • Measures of Performance (MOPs) and Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs).
    • The requirement for Cultural Audits.
    • Appropriate reporting, measurement and oversight mechanisms.
  3. Liaise with relevant stakeholders and agencies as necessary, including, but not limited to, DOD, the Representative Associations and relevant external organisations.
  4. Establish a reporting mechanism to the Deputy Chiefs of Staff, who will exercise ongoing oversight on behalf of the General Staff.
  5. Make any recommendations deemed necessary to further the process of positive cultural change, including proposals concerning the expansion of these TORs

The OCSC convened on the 2nd December and will meet again monthly. Updates on the progress of the committee below:

OCSC update - 26 January.

OCSC Update 17 May.

OCSC Update 16 June 

OCSC Update Report - 17 June. 

OCSC Update 19 July.

OCSC Update 22 Nov.