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Whats my Commitment?


Understanding the Time Commitment

The time you can commit to the Reserve Defence Forces is predominantly at your discretion. Although we ideally look for Reservists to commit a minimum of 7 days of paid full time training and 48 hours voluntary service per year. 

Types of Training

Parade Nights

Typically one evening midweek at the unit location there will be a voluntary ~2 hour training session. A parade night counts as 2 hours towards the preferred minimum 48 voluntary hours training target. 

Field Days

A Reservist can expect to train ~1 weekend per month, the time commitment varies between 1 or 2 days depending on the programme of training or course that the Reservist is engaged in.

Field Days are voluntary periods of training that count as 4 hours towards the preferred minimum annual 48 voluntary hours training target. 

Full Time Training

Full time training is a paid training event that is normally underpinned by an approved syllabus of training. Rates of pay depend on rank and technical qualification.

Each period of full time training can last up to 24 hours and counts as 1 day towards the preferred minimum annual 7 days full time training days target. 

Where periods of training are scheduled over numerous days or overnight, the Defence Forces will endeavour to provide food and accommodation.