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The Artillery School

Artillery School

The Artillery School is part of the Defence Force Training Centre (DFTC) and is the centre of excellence for artillery training in the Defence Forces (DF). Established in 1931, the Artillery School is staffed by high quality instructors from the Artillery Corps. Our knowledge base has been continually expanded through our experience of deployments of artillery both at home and in overseas missions, and through an active programme of liaison with other military artillery institutions and attendance on foreign courses. The Artillery School conducts career and technical courses in Field Artillery and Air Defence, supervises all artillery live firing practices within the State, organises and supervises Corps Exercises and Combined Arms Demonstrations and analyses and evaluates developments in artillery tactics, techniques and procedures. The Artillery School also researches the latest artillery technology with a view to constant development of its Corps function.

Strategic Vision

The vision of the Artillery School is to constantly strive to achieve excellence in the professional effectiveness of Artillery Corps personnel by providing them with the skills and knowledge to maximise performance and facilitate operability. This is achieved by creating an environment and ethos that is conducive to study, learning, and personal development. Artillery School staff set the tone and foster such a climate for all students. The Artillery School continuously strives to improve its knowledge base through the experience gained by its instructors in overseas missions and through co-operation with foreign artillery institutions.

Core Activities

  • Conduct of career and technical artillery courses
  • Supervise Corps units live firing
  • Research and development of tactics, techniques, procedures and doctrine
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding Corps equipment
  • Issue range details for live firing in Glen of Imaal
  • Co-ordination of firing practices for Peace Support Operations (PSO) Battery
  • Co-ordination of fire power demonstrations
  • Support DFTC administration/operational tasks
  • Artillery inputs for Annual Training Directive (ATD)