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Physical Fitness

St Patrick Hill Race Training Plan - Sgt Desmond, Gym Sgt Collins Bks

The below five workouts are provided by Sgt Tommy Devereux.


All workouts should only be done by personnel with experience with the movements and physically fit. If unsure seek guidance from a PTI. Do not attempt to try the below if you are injured. Scale where needed.


  1. Squat Jumps x10
  2. 1 min sprint
  3. Standing long jump x10
  4. 2 min sprint
  5. Step up with a knee raise jump x10
  6. 1 min sprint
  7. Tuck jump x10
  8. 2 min sprint
  9. Reactive drop jumps x10
  10. 1 min sprint 


  1. Squat Jumps - get height in your jump.
  2. Standing long jump - push forward
  3. Step up - you’ll need a platform for this - and push your body up with a high knee.
  4. Tuck Jump - get height in your jump.
  5. RDJ - Stand on platform, jump off and push your body up.
  6. Your 1 and 2 minute runs need to be explosive.

This is an excellent workout to improve plyometric exercises and explosive running, I would recommend recording your start/finish time. The next time you give the exercise a go you can check your old time.


 WORKOUT TWO - "Murph"

1.6 km run 

300 squat jumps

200 push-ups

100 burpees

1.6km run 


Rigid Rules: 

The runs must be done before starting any exercise and on completion of all exercises.

No sequence is required to complete the exercises it’s just a slog..... embrace it and get through the pain!!!


90 second timer set on repeat.

Every 2nd 90 second interval the Athlete will complete a 150 meter shuttle run. 

Every other 90second interval the athlete will complete as many reps on a single exercise as possible. 

Exercises to be done in the following order,

  1. Push ups
  2. Jump jacks
  3. Leg raises
  4. Squats 
  5. Mountain climber
  6. Crunches
  7. Tricep dips
  8. Walking lunges
  9. Plank (high low plank)
  10. Leg flutters


Rigid Rules,

The 150m shuttle run will be laid out as follows.

25 meter total length broken into 5x5meters.

Run from start to 5m, 

back to start, 

out to 10m, back to start and so on until you get out to 25m and back. 

This is 150m in total. 


Rest period is the time left after completion of the shuttle run. 

Keep a record of how many of each exercise performed within the 90 seconds.


Total time of workout 30 mins



60 second timer on repeat

Every Minute on the minute conduct 1 round and move to the next round once the bell rings.



5x push up walk outs 

8x high low planks 

8x push-ups 



5x burpees

5x squat jumps

5x power lunges (each leg)



10x leg raises 

10 x Ankle tap crunches (10 each side)

10 x Russian twists(10 twists each side no weight)


Complete 30 rounds in total (10 rounds of each)

Rest period is the time once you have completed the exercises and are waiting on the bell to ring for the next round.



800m round trip


800m run (no weight)

25x box jumps (use anything ya can find that’s knee height and a stable platform)

50x push ups

50x leg raises



800 m run carrying 6kg or 1 stone weight in a school bag.(wrap weight in a towel to stop bounce)

25x walking lunges (each leg) with the weight still on your back

50x squats with the weight still on your back

25x walking lunges (each leg) with the weight still on your back.



800m run carrying 6kg or 1 stone weight.

(Drop the weight on return.)

25x push up walk outs.

50x tricep dips

50x shoulder press with the 6kg school bag.



800m run (no weight)

25x burpees

50x crunches

25x squat jumps 



800 m run with weight.

25x walking lunges (each leg) with the weight still on your back

50x squats with the weight still on your back

25x walking lunges (each leg) with the weight still on your back.



Timer starts before first run and you stop your timer after the last lunge.


Tom Devereux has kindly supplied the above workouts all designed around military fitness and that can be completed in 30/40 minutes