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Defence Forces Physiotherapy


The Defence Forces Physio is operational in all locations. If you are carrying an injury contact your local DF Physio directly. The Defence Forces Physiotherapy is committed to providing clinical excellence in promoting the physical health and well-being of all Defence Forces personnel through intergrating clinical practice, education, research and innovation

The Defence Forces Physiotherapy have their own YouTube channel.

Please use this site as an educational and information resource. The information contained on this site is for members of Óglaigh na hÉireann who have been prescribed these exercises by their Defence Forces Physiotherapist.

The authors of the site cannot be held responsible for any injuries or harm that come about as a result of engaging in exercises that have not been prescribed for you by one of our Defence Forces Physiotherapists. No exercise should bring on pain. You should stop and consult your Defence Forces Physiotherapist if this occurs.

Spinal mobility videos

Upper limb mobility videos

Lower limb mobility videos

Lower limb strength videos

Reconditioning videos

Plyometrics and Proprioception videos

360 core videos