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Army Reserve

Your time in the Reserve will bring experiences and challenges that will draw upon all your physical and mental abilities and whatever you do for a living, you’ll find a unit in the Reserve that fits with your lifestyle, interests and skills.

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About the Army Reserve

The Army Reserve is a part-time component of the Defence Forces comprising of volunteers who participate in Defence Forces training in their spare time.

Roles of the Army Reserve

The Army Reserve trains to support the Permanent Defence Forces in crisis situations, but that's not all. Find out why we train to do what we do.

Army Reserve Recruitment

We're only as strong as our people. Join our Team - Strengthen the Nation in the Reserve Defence Forces.

Army Reserve Courses

Training and Experience. See why the Reserve Defence Force is a mutually beneficial professional development platform

Army Reserve Locations

Discover an Army Reserve unit near to you.


Platoon, Company and Battalion level weaponry

Army Corps

Within the Army structure there are different Corps. The Army Corps support the seven combat functions - Manoeuvre, Fire Support, Air Defence, ISTAR, Mobility, Combat Service Support and Command & Control.