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Mother and Daughter make Defence Forces history

Aiken Barracks, Dundalk - Friday 24th January 2020 4.30pm  
Mother and  Daughter History makers

Earlier today in Aiken Barracks Dundalk, Sergeant Sandra Murphy and Private Sarah Fitzsimons made history as the first mother-daughter duo to serve in the Irish Defence Forces. After 27 weeks of intensive military training, Kildare Town native, Private Sarah Fitzsimons and her fellow comrades celebrated their passing out parade in the 27th Infantry Battalion. A proud mother seated in the audience, Sergeant Sandra Murphy watched her daughter receive her rank as a 3-star Private and begin her career in uniform.  The mother-daughter duo are the first ever mother and daughter to serve together.

For many years, Sarah witnessed her mother forge a rewarding yet challenging career in the Defence Forces with often time spent apart as Sandra was deployed overseas to Lebanon, Kosovo, Uganda and Syria through her 25 years'service. Sandra is a highly skilled communications and information technician and played a key role in her daughter making the decision to follow her footsteps to the military and indeed into the Communications and Information Services (CIS) Corps. Prior to her career in the Irish Defence Forces, Sarah completed her Leaving Cert and went to further her studies by doing a PLC course in Criminology, Security & Legal studies.

The 30 recruits of the 57th Recruit Platoon began their intense training on July 15th in Aiken Barracks, Dundalk. Coming from all corners of the Country, they dedicated their time to learning and perfecting their skills that enabled them to meet the required standard of a trained soldier. Platoon Commander, Lt Conor O’Brien congratulated the young privates on their achievement and wished them well  as they move forward with their career in the Defence Forces. 

Press Release Date: 20th November 2019

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