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Irish Personnel in MINUSMA

Thursday, 20th November 2019, 1.00pm
Troops in Mali

Irish Personnel as part of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA)

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) was established by Security Council resolution 2100 of 25 April 2013 to support political processes in Mali and carry out a number of security-related tasks.

Under the terms of the most recent renewal of the resolution (Resolution 2480 – 2019), the mission supports the political process and carries out a number of security-related stabilisation tasks, with a focus on major population centres and lines of communication, protecting civilians, human rights monitoring, the creation of conditions for the provision of humanitarian assistance and the return of displaced persons, the extension of State authority and the preparation of free, inclusive and peaceful elections.

In early September 2019, the Defence Forces deployed a contingent of Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel as part of the German-led Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Task Force (ISR TF) located in Sector East, MINUSMA. Defence Forces personnel, along with other personnel from Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Switzerland, Estonia, Czech Republic and Romania are located at Camp Castor in Gao. In addition, a small number of Defence Forces personnel have taken up positions in the MINUSMA Force Headquarters in Bamako.

The role of Defence Forces personnel within the ISR TF is to support the collection of information within the operational environment for the accurate development, decision and implementation of mandate activities. Irish soldiers play a key role within the ISR TF, utilising niche capabilities and drawing on expertise gained from previous overseas missions, such as East Timor, Liberia and Chad. Their role involves the conduct of patrols throughout Sector East in an effort to collect information from the local population.

The Defence Forces has also contributed to the European Union Training Mission in Mali since 2013. The primary function of the EU led mission is to train members of the Malian Defence and Security Forces.

Press Release Date: 20th November 2019

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