Defence Forces Training Centre Road Closures

The Defence Forces Training Centre (DFTC), as part of ongoing training will conduct, from time to time, live firing practices on Range No.3 which will necessitate the temporary closure of a 1.6km section of the Hollow Road as part of strict control and safety measures put in place in accordance with Section 274 of the Defence Acts.

The Defence Forces takes all necessary measures to ensure public safety during the firing of live ammunition on its firing ranges. Local alternative routes are available and military personnel are in place at the Hollow Road to advise on short local detours.

Please note that additional dates may be added. On all occasions where an additional date is added above, it will be done so at least a minimum of 48hrs in advance of the temporary road closure itself. Also please note that from time to time cancellations of Firing Practices and the associated temporary road closure may occur.

General Information

The Hollow road is a Public Road. The road closure itself involves a 1.6km section of the Hollow Road being closed as part of safety measures effected whilst Range No.3  is in use.

In order to minimize any possible inconvenience to the local populace and effect on school/work traffic, the Hollow road is temporarily closed only between the hours of 10am and 2pm on the days when Range No.3 is in use.

Confirmed Dates

The Defence Forces Training Centre will be conducting Firing Practices on Range No.3 on the following dates:

  • Monday 19th November, 2018 - Tuesday 20th November, 2018 from 1000 - 1400hrs each day
  • Wednesday 21st November, 2018 from 1000hrs - 1400hrs
  • Thursday 22nd November, 2018 from 1000-1400hrs.
  • Friday 23rd November, 2018 from 1000 - 1400hrs.
  • Monday 26th November - Friday 7th December 2018 from 1000 - 1400hrs each day
  • Wednesday 29th November, 2018 - Thursday 30th November 2018 from 1000 - 1400hrs each day
  • Tuesday 8st January - 9th January, 2019 from 1000 - 1400hrs each day

The Badge Design

The Badge design (common to all Corps and Services and all orders of dress) is derived from the badge of the Irish Volunteers and was designed by Professor Eoin MacNeill, Chairman of the National Executive of the Irish Volunteers. This badge was originally adopted by the Irish Volunteers in October 1914. [Read more]