Offshore Patrol Vessel

The Naval Service operates three offshore patrol vessels. All these vessels were built in Verlome Dockyard in Cork and were commissioned into service during the late 1970s and early 1980s.  These vessels patrol the Irish EEZ. During their service these vessels have completed numerous re-supply missions to Irish troops serving overseas with the United Nations.

Naval Service Offshore Patrol Vessels

LÉ Samuel Beckett

LÉ Samuel Beckett is latest Offshore Patrol Vessel and represents an updated and lengthened version of the original RÓIS͍N Class.

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Ships Characteristics
Type Offshore patrol Vessel
Length 65.2m
Beam 10.5m
Draught 4.4m
Main Engines

2 X SEMT- Pielstick Diesel
4,800 HP
1 Shaft

Speed 17 knots
Range 6750 Nautical Miles @ 12 knots
Crew 46 (5 Officers)
Weaponary Aboard
Main Armament

Bofors 40mm L70 Canon

Secondary Armament 2 X 20mm Rheinmetall RH202 Canon
Small Arms

Various small arms ranging from:
9mm Pistol to 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun

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