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L.É. CIARA was formerly the HMS SWALLOW a British Royal Navy patrol vessel stationed in the waters of Hong Kong. She was purchased by the Irish State in 1988. The primary armament is a 76mm OTO MELARA compact gun and RADAMEC electro optical fire control system. L.É. CIARA is a high speed vessel, designed to move rapidly about the patrol area and to bring her considerable firepower to bear when necessary.

Officer Commanding L.É. CIARA

Lt Cdr Eoin Smyth, Officer Commanding L.É. CIARA is a native of Cork and joined the Naval Service in 2002. Prior to joining the Naval Service he studied in Durban University of Technology and was employed as a Master and Harbour Pilot by the National Ports Authority in South Africa.

Lt Cdr Smyth has served at sea as Gunnery Officer L.É. Aisling, Navigating Officer L.É. Niamh and Gunnery Officer L.É Orla. He has served in a variety of shore appointments including Maintenance Management Officer and OiC Line Training. He is a graduate of CIT and recently completed the Senior Command Operations Course in the Naval College.

Lt Cdr Smyth lives in Carrigaline with his wife Shirley Anne and their two daughters Tara and Erin. He has a keen interest in all sports particularly rugby.

Ships Name

Ciara was the daughter of a wealthy Christian family who settled near Nenagh, Co. Tipperary in the 7th century. Ciara was a devout Christian and aged 20, she established a convent near her home which became famous and grew rapidly. It grew to such an extent that Ciara established another convent near Durrow, County Laois where she spent many years, though she returned to her home before her death in 685

Significant History

She scored a notable operational success in Nov 1999 when she conducted the second biggest drug seizure in the history of the state at that time, with her interception and boarding at sea of MV POSIDONIA of the south west coast of Ireland. 

Adopted Port


Ships Information

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