Defence Forces 2016Flags for Schools Initiative

As part of Ireland’s Centenary Programme to commemorate the 1916 Rising, Óglaigh na hÉireann, the Defence Forces, will play a key role in everything from State Ceremonial to assistance for our Local Authorities, our schools and our communities.

The first major task for Defence Forces 2016 is the delivery of an Irish Flag to every Primary School in the country, starting on 14th September 2015.

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The Fleet

The fleet comprises one Helicopter Patrol Vessel (HPV), three Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV), two Large Patrol Vessel (LPV) and two Coastal Patrol Vessels (CPV). Each vessel is equipped with state of the art machinery, weapons, communication’s and navigation systems.   The Flagship of the Irish Naval Service is the L.É. Eithne which a HPV.  

The NS Fleet keeps the tradition of naming its vessels after famous women from Irish and Celtic mythology. Currently the Naval Service operates eight ships. 

  • L.É. EITHNE  P 31
  • L.É AOIFE  P 22
  • L.É. AÍSLING  P 23
  • L.É. NIAMH P 52
  • L.É. RÓISÍN P 51
  • L.É. ORLA P 41
  • L.É. C͍ARA P 42

The L.É. before the ships names means Long Éireannach or Irish Ship.

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Recruiting in the RDF

The Army & Naval Service

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05 October 2015 - LÉ SAMUEL BECKETT Co​mpletes​First Search & Rescue Operation

1.30​ pm - LÉ SAMUEL BECKETT Co​mpletes​First Search & Rescue Operation ​93​ Kilometres North West of Tripoli[more]

Friday 02 October - Return of LÉ NIAMH

Friday 02 October at 11.10 am. - Return of LÉ NIAMH from Humanitarian and Search and Rescue Operations[more]