Irish Naval Service Energy Policy

The link between energy consumption, the depletion of the natural  resources and its environmental impact is well understood today and the Naval Service is obligedby government to become a champion in the efficient use of energy leading the way for the wider public. The Naval Service is committed to public sector transformation and while this has a top down dimension Flag Officer Commanding Naval Service, (FOCNS) is firmly convinced that it must also be bottom up, collaborative and evidenced based.
In the context of collaboration the fact that the Naval Service is one of the core partners of the Maritime and Energy Research Cluster and Commercial Cluster ( )is clear evidence of the Naval Service’s commitment to renewable energy. This evidence is complimented by our commitment to institutionalise an Energy Management System that is internationally benchmarked and which aims to reduce our carbon footprint while facilitating better usage of our taxes resulting in better service provision.  

FOCNS is proud of the Naval Service commitment to the efficient use of energy in the pursuit of our duties and obligations to the Irish state.  This applies to all electrical and hydro-carbon based fuels used on the Island of Haulbowline and the ships in which we sail.

To assist in our commitment to continual improvement in energy performance we will make available all necessary information and resources to achieve the objectives and targets we have set ourselves and to further the improvement in our energy use.

Our Energy Management System, based on the best practice of energy management, and integrated into our command structure provides the basis about which we set, manage and review our energy objectives and targets.  All persons working for, or on behalf of the Naval Service have an obligation to play their part in meeting these requirements.

The Naval Service complies with all its legal and other obligations in relation to energy and all other matters and fully supports the purchase of energy efficient products and services consistent with our obligations under public service procurement.

All personnel shall familiarise themselves with their responsibilities in relation to Energy Management and the impact that they can have in relation to energy.  The Naval Service will be a leading light to the public in relation to energy management.

These commitments are fully consistent with our other obligations and commitments and all recommendations for improvement or observations in relation to this policy and its workings are welcomed via the appropriate structures.  The Energy Manual and related documentation are available to  all and all are encouraged to read and contribute.

Unit OC’s shall make all their personnel aware of this policy and provide all necessary communication to allow the content and its intent to be understood by personnel under their command.