21 Meán Fómhair 2017 - Léirbhreithniú an Aire

1.25pm - Léirbhreithniú an Aire ar an 56ú Grúpa Coisithe atá ag dul go hArda Golan (UNDOF)

image description15 Meán Fómhair 2017 - 3 chorp tógtha ag an LÉ William Butler Yeats

6.45pm. - 3 chorp tógtha ag an LÉ William Butler Yeats le linn dhá Oibríocht Cuardaigh agus Tarrthála agus 285* Imirceach Tugtha Slán

image description[Translate to Irish:] 7th September 2017 - Defence Forces Conduct Mission Readiness Exercise in Preparation for UNDOF (Golan Heights) Deployment

[Translate to Irish:] 6.50pm - Earlier today, the 56th Infantry Group completed the first week of their mission readiness exercise in preparation for their forthcoming deployment to the United Nations Disengagement Observation...

image description[Translate to Irish:] 2nd September 2017 - LÉ William Butler Yeats Rescues 41* Migrants During Two Separate Search and Rescue Operations

[Translate to Irish:] 4.35pm - Earlier today, following a request from the Italian Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre, LÉ William Butler Yeats successfully located and rescued a total of 41* migrants during two separate search...