(Updates) Naval Search Operation in Glandore Bay .

Update - 4.30pm Friday 20 January 2012

The Naval Service Dive Team have now completed a comprehensive, two hour and fifteen minute search of the wreck of the Tit Bonhomme. A remotely operated vehicle and Naval Divers entered the vessel at 1.50 pm and completed a significant examination of the vessel, surfacing at 4.10pm. Favourable conditions allowed the comprehensive search this afternoon. Nothing further has been found and the search will continue. 

Update - 4pm Friday 20 January 2012

Naval Dive Operations recommenced early this morning and multiple dives have now been completed in the vicinity of the vessel. Diving operations will again continue into the evening under the supervision of the LE Niamh. The Naval Service remain acutely aware of the relatives, friends and loved ones of the missing men and the wider fishing community at this difficult time.

Initial exploratory investigations using side scan sonar and remotely operated vehicles have been completed on accessible compartments of the Tit Bonhomme by the Specialist Naval Diving Team however they expect a full examination of the vessel to take a significant period of time.

The Coastguard have implemented a temporary maritime exclusion zone in the immediate vicinity of the Tit Bonhomme and only Specialist Naval or Garda Divers will be permitted to dive within this zone.

Weather conditions remain challenging in the area but have not impacted on operations today and are not expected to change in the next forty eight hours. The LE Niamh will remain on station, anchored close to the Tit Bonhomme as the on scene coordinating vessel and a maritime support platform for the diving operations.

4.30 pm Thursday 19 January 2012 - Naval Service Confirm Recovery of Two Bodies from Tit Bonhomme

It is with regret that the Naval Service confirms that two bodies have been recovered from the vicinity of the Tit Bonhomme today. 

The Garda Dive Team recovered the body of a man close to the vessel at 9.45am and transported it to the Union Hall Quay.

At 12.20pm the Naval Service Dive Team recovered the body of a second man, again close to the vessel. The body of the second man was transferred to the LE Niamh and then transported to the Union Hall Quay by Rigid Inflatable Boat.

The LE Niamh remains on station in Glandore Bay, acting as the on scene coordinating vessel.

The Specialist Naval Dive Team has completed multiple dives throughout the day in the vicinity of the vessel and the team will continue diving operations in tandem with the Gardai into the evening.

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) has been brought in and is being used to search parts of the Tit Bonhomme that are inaccessible to divers.

The Naval Service Dive Team will recommence diving operations at first light if conditions remain favourable.

Press Release Date: Thursday 19th January, 2011

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