Tuesday 03 June - Army Bomb Disposal Team Render Safe Viable Historic Grenade.

An Army Bomb Disposal Team rendered safe a viable historic grenade which was found during building works at a private residence in Mallow, County Cork this afternoon.

The Defence Forces deployed the Team in response to a request from the Gardaí­ after the corroded grenade was found by a member of the public. It is thought that the Mills Type Grenade dated from the early twentieth century but did still contain explosive content and was considered dangerous.

The area was cordoned off by the Gardaí­ and some road closures were necessary for public safety. The Bomb Disposal Team arrived on scene at 4pm and removed the object to a nearby green area where the grenade was rendered safe by means of a controlled explosion. The scene was declared safe just before 5pm and the Team have now returned to Base. Last year the Defence Forces dealt with 35 such historical munitions such as today's operation.

The Defence Forces currently has Engineers and Bomb Disposal Personnel serving in South Sudan with the UN teaching the Security Forces there how to deal with historic munitions and remnants of war.

Other types of call outs would include improvised explosive devices, unstable chemicals and also suspect devices found to be hoaxes.

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Press Release Date: Tuesday 03 June 2014

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