Thursday 21 May - Air Corps Welcome the Benhaffaf Twins .

The Benhaffaf family will visit Casement Aerodrome on the 21st of May to mark the fifth anniversary of Hassan and Hussein's return to Ireland after separation surgery in London.

The family will be greeted by the Air Corps crew that flew them home and will be given a short tour of Casement Aerodrome and some of it's fleet.

The Air Corps is the State's organic air asset and is a constituent element of the Irish Defence Forces. Founded in 1922, the Air Corps has a proud tradition of service to the State and the citizens of Ireland. It fulfils all defence and security roles assigned to it by the Government and actively supports other Sate agencies and bodies to deliver services beyond their current capability.

One such service is that of Air Ambulance flights. The Air Corps uses its fleet of aircraft to provide advanced life support to patients requiring rapid transport to and between hospitals, both within Ireland and internationally. So far in 2015 the Air Corps has carried out 271 Air Ambulance flights. 

Press Release Date: Thursday 21 May

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