Sunday 27nd May 2012 - Defence Forces Assist Fire-fighting.

The Defence Forces have today deployed an Air Corps Helicopter to assist fire-fighting efforts with forest fires in Donegal.

Troops from the 28 Infantry Battalion, 4 Western Brigade based in Finner Camp, County Donegal have also been placed on standby with some elements being recalled to barracks. 

An Air Corps AW 139 helicopter fitted with a specialist under slung Bambi Bucket is currently dropping water on fires near Glengesh in South Donegal. This helicopter commenced fire fighting operations at approximately 10 am and has so far dropped a total of 21,000 litres of water in 17 sorties on fires in accessible terrain. Operations have so far been successful in containing the spread of the fire.

This helicopter also brought a fire safety qualified Army Engineer to the scene early this morning to assess the situation from the air and advise on the use of military assets.

All military assistance has been made available following requests from the civil authorities/fire service in the area.

View video footage of a similar operation in Donegal in 2011 

View high resolution images of the AW 139 Helicopter with Bambi Bucket  

Press Release Date: Sunday 28th May 2012

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