Monday 19 November 2012 - Army Bomb Disposal Teams Deal with Incidents.

Army Bomb Disposal Teams were called to three separate incidents in Counties Mayo, Kildare and Wicklow today in response to requests from the Gardai.

In the first incident a team was deployed to Bofeenaun near Castlebar in County Mayo to deal with an historical munition. The object had been uncovered by a member of the public carrying out renovations and the Gardai were alerted. The team arrived on the scene at 3.30pm on farmland near Bofeenaun and examined the object in situ. It was rendered safe by means of a controlled explosion. The scene was declared safe at 4.15pm.

In the second incident a team was deployed to Athy, County Kildare to deal with a suspect object following a request from Gardai. The team arrived on scene at 4.45pm and examined the object in situ. The object was located near the train track and train services had to be suspended for a short period of time whilst some houses had to be evacuated as the object was rendered safe. The object is believed to contain some of the component parts of an improvised explosive device (IED) and it has now been removed for further examination and technical evaluation. It will be handed over to the Gardai shortly to assist with their investigation into the incident. The scene was declared safe at 7.20pm.

In the third incident the Defence Forces deployed a further team to a derelict building near Putland Road in Bray, County Wicklow. Gardai had requested Defence Forces assistance after suspicious objects had been found by them in a derelict house. The team arrived on scene at 6 pm and examined the objects in situ. A cordon had been put in place and some homes had to be evacuated for the safety of the occupants. The objects were rendered safe at the scene without the need for a controlled explosion. Following further examination of the objects, they have now been classified as two viable improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and the remains of the devices have now been handed over to the Gardai to assist in their investigations. The scene was declared safe at 6.30 pm and the team returned to base.

Todays operations bring to 186 the total number of callouts of Army Bomb Disposal teams in 2012, they have dealt with 86 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) of which 15 were post blast analysis where a device had functioned or partially functioned. Other types of callouts would include unstable chemicals and conventional munition destruction of old historical artillery shells etc.

Press Release Date: Monday 19 November 2012

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