Friday, 27 April 2012 - Air Corps Complete Eight Air Ambulances.

This afternoon the Air Corps completed its eighth Air Ambulance Mission in ten days including six international missions, two of which were transatlantic transfers. This afternoon's mission involved the transfer of a patient by AW139 helicopter from Mayo to Dublin.

This morning an AW 139 helicopter completed a similar mission landing at 5 am, just minutes after the CASA Maritime Patrol Aircraft had returned from an earlier Air Ambulance mission to Birmingham where a patient was transferred for specialist surgery.

On Monday 23 April and Tuesday 24 April, the Air Corps Gulfstream Jet completed a round trip transatlantic mission bringing a paediatric patient to Boston and returning with another paediatric patient following specialist treatment.

The Air Corps also completed three Air Ambulance missions from Dublin to London on the 17th, 20th and 22nd of April aboard the Learjet and CASA Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

The Air Corps completed 71 air ambulance missions in 2011 and have completed 38 so far in 2012.

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Press Release Date:  27th April, 2012

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