Friday 22nd May 2015 - Irish Army Medical Team Return Home.

A five person Army medical team will return to Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel, Dublin on Friday the 22nd of May at 1 pm, following a 4 month tour of duty in Kerrytown, Sierra Leone with the British Armed Forces.

The medical team were working in co-operation with a joint UK Inter Agency Task Force medical team based in Kerrytown on the east coast of Sierra Leone. Their job was to assist with the international response against the spread of Ebola. The Defence Forces medical team consists of a Military Doctor, three medical Non-Commissioned Officers and a medically qualified Trooper.

On arrival the team will be met by their families and friends. The team are drawn primarily from the Defence Forces, Central Medical Unit with personnel from Cork, Dublin and Meath.

Their replacements finished their rotation to Sierra Leone this morning and will join their British and NGO colleagues in theatre.

Press Release Date: Friday 22nd May 2015

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