Army Ranger Wing leads major Defence Forces Exercise off the East Coast.

The Defence Forces, spearheaded by Ireland’s Elite Special Forces, the Army Ranger Wing, completed a major Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) exercise off the East Coast this week.

Based in Dublin Port and on the Irish Sea, the exercise was designed to enhance the capacity of the Defence Forces to provide the State with a highly specialised maritime armed intervention capability.

Conducted over a period of a number of days, the exercise focussed on a scenario involving terrorist activity and large vessels entering Dublin Port, culminating in armed intervention.

The complex simulation was headed by Ireland’s elite Special Forces, the Army Ranger Wing (ARW), supported by the Naval Service and the Air Corps.

In the past year, the Defence Forces have carried out a number of major Counter-Terrorism (CT) exercises in different settings, and have developed a substantial capability to provide an integrated and comprehensive response to complex terrorist threats. 

The Army Ranger Wing maintains a military counter-terrorist capability for use both at home and on UN approved missions overseas. The unit has been conducting Counter Terrorism training for the past 30 years and has built up a substantial capability in this area.

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Press Release Date: Friday 1st July, 2011

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