Army Bomb Disposal Team makes safe six WWII Spitfire machine guns.

An Army Bomb Disposal Team made safe six machine guns and a quantity of .303 ammunition on the Inisowen peninsula, Co. Donegal today during the excavation of a crashed WWII RAF Spitfire.

The six Browning .303 machine guns were buried up to 30 feet in the bog along with approx 1,000 rounds of ammunition which, once discovered by a team of archaeologists from Queens University, were made safe by the Bomb Disposal Team

The six machine guns and ammunition have been removed by the Bomb Disposal Team to a secure military location where they will be decommissioned and cleaned before being handed over to the Derry Museum.

The team arrived on scene at 08.00am and the scene was declared safe at 3.30pm.

Press Release Date: Tuesday 28th June, 2011

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