29th May 2015 - Naval Service Flagship the LÉ EITHNE Rescues Migrants North of Tripoli.

The Naval Service flagship the LÉ EITHNE conducted a successful rescue operation of 300 migrants, 45 kilometres North of Tripoli in the early hours of Friday the 29th of May.

The migrants were on board a barge that was attempting to cross the South Central Mediterranean. The migrants include men, women and children.

Having successfully transferred 201 rescuees over to the HMS BULWARK at 9 pm on the 28th of May, for transport to the nearest safe Italian port, the LÉ EITHNE immediately received another tasking from the Italian Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre. At 12.10 am (Irish time) the LÉ EITHNE encountered a barge 45 kilometres North of Libya.

They began extraction procedures and by 4am all 300 migrants from the barge were successfully taken on board the LÉ EITHNE where they received water, food and medical attention. 217 of the migrants are male, 35 are female and 48 are minors. The sea conditions during the rescue were calm.

At 9.45 this morning (Irish time) the LÉ EITHNE came across an additional rubber dingy carrying approximately 100 migrants on board. They have begun embarkation and will being taking them aboard shortly. The LÉ EITHNE will continue to care for all rescuees on board and are awaiting further instruction from the Italian Marine Rescue Co-Ordination Centre.

Having successfully completed two operations, the ongoing operation will be the third rescue by the crew of the LÉ EITHNE since being tasked by Government to deploy to assist with the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean. They have now rescued 501 migrants, with a possible 100 migrants pending.

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Press Release Date: 27th January 2015

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