26 November 2015 - 1,300 Defence Forces personnel take part in Exercise .

The Defence Forces have deployed 1,300 personnel on a military manoeuvres exercise over the last two weeks.

Exercise “Dark Nights”, a conventional Battalion level exercise, which concludes tomorrow is being run in the Defence Forces Training Centre, County Kildare and Kilworth Training Area, County Cork and is the biggest exercise of its kind to be organised in recent years. The aim of the exercise, which was in planning since June, was to assess operational readiness and to maintain and develop skills and capabilities.

In addition to exercising core infantry battalion capabilities, the exercise included assets and capabilities normally found at Brigade level including; armoured cavalry reconnaissance assets, artillery assets (both indirect fire assets and Surveillance and Target Acquisition capabilities), combat engineers, communications assets and the provision of both fixed wing and rotary support from the Air Corps. The total strength of a Battalion Group is 550 all ranks (PDF and RDF) and approximately 100 further Defence Forces personnel enabled the exercise through the provision of exercise control, enemy parties, security parties, role players (Internally Displaced People and victims of Gender Based Violence) and medical support.

Press Release Date: 26th November 2015

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