22 November 2013 - Naval Service Ship LÉ Roisin Makes Significant Detention .

The Naval Service Ship LÉ Roisí­n made a significant detention of a Dutch Registered Fishing Vessel this morning for alleged breaches of fishing regulations.

The fishing vessel was detained shortly after 11am approximately one hundred nautical miles north west of Tory Island and is expected into Killybegs this evening.

This vessel is the largest ever detained by the Naval Service and is considered to be one of the largest fishing vessels in the world. It brings to 922 the number of boardings conducted this year by the Naval Service and this is the thirteenth vessel detained for alleged infringements of fisheries regulations in 2013.

The Naval Service in partnership with the Air Corps Maritime Squadron monitors all fishing activity within the Irish Exclusive Fishery Limit enforcing EU Fisheries Regulations to all countries. The Fishing Vessel is currently under escort by the LÉ Roisí­n, en route to Killybegs and will be handed over to the Gardaí­ on arrival. 

Press Release Date: 22 November 2013

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