20th September 2013 - De-Commissioning Ceremony for Naval Service Ship.

The Irish Naval Service Ship, L.É. EMER will be de-commissioned from the Naval Service today Friday, 20th September in Cork City, after 35 years of service to the Irish State.

L.É. EMER is the oldest ship in the Naval Service fleet and is one of 4 vessels that were built in Verolme Cork Dockyard. She was commissioned on 16th January 1978 and since that time, she has had 23 Captains and has sailed approx. 518,000 nautical miles, which is a distance approximately equivalent to the moon and back! Her final Captain is Lieutenant Commander Alan O’Regan, a Cork native.

Her name derives from Celtic mythology as Emer was the Wife of Cúchulainn and was known to be a proud and dominant woman. She has been described as hot tempered and violent, tolerating no rivals for her husband’s affections. The flames in the ships crest represent the virtues of womanhood.

L.É. EMER has contributed enormously to the Irish State over her 35 years proud service. She has played her role in protecting Ireland’s interests at and from the sea by carrying out a broad range of tasks including maritime defence and security.  Her routine patrols were always multi-tasked and encompassed national and maritime security, ocean governance, safety and surveillance, port security, fishery protection, drug interdiction, pollution control and search and rescue.

Some of the operations L.É. EMER has been involved in include:

She was the first Naval Service ship to carry out UNIFIL resupply mission in 1979 to South Lebanon.

She was involved in the Search and Rescue operation during the Fastnet Disaster off the West Cork coast in 1979.

She played a key role in the seizure of the gun-running fishing vessel “Marita Anne” in 1984.

Location: Custom House Quay, Cork City, Co. Cork

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