19 December 2013 - Christmas Messages from Defence Forces Troops.

The Defence Forces currently have 416 personnel serving overseas in 15 missions across 20 different countries this Christmas, including Mali, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

The Defence Forces have a total of 181 troops serving as part of the 42 Infantry Group, FINN IRISH Battalion in South Lebanon as part of the UNIFIL mission. Our total commitment to Lebanon is 210 with additional personnel serving in Sector West and UNIFIL Headquarters.

The 42 INF GP FINN IRISH Battalion occupy a post situated south of the village of At Tiri. The post is called UN Post 2-45 and is approx 7 Km from the Blue Line boundary between Lebanon and Israel.  It gives good visibility to the surrounding area and proximity to the Blue Line and provides support to our smaller UN posts 6-50, 6-52.

Follow this link to see pictures and messages from UNIFIL troops in what looks likely to be a white Christmas in Lebanon. 

Read the Christmas Messages

Irish Troops will also sit down to Christmas Dinner in countries as far flung as Mali, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Ivory Coast amongst others.

Follow this link to a Flickr Album with Christmas messages from some of the smaller overseas missions Defence Force personnel are deployed:

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