15 June 2015 - LÉ EITHNE Rescues Approximately 100 Migrants on Rubber Craft .

Having rescued approximately 360 migrants this morning, the LÉ EITHNE successfully located and rescued approximately 100 migrants on a rubber craft, 70 kilometres north-west of Tripoli, Libya.​ Conditions remain choppy, the operation commenced at 12.57 pm during a south easterly 1 metre high swell and finished at 2.30 pm.

This is the second search and rescue operation tasking today.

There are now approximately 460 migrants on board the LÉ EITHNE, receiving food, water and medical attention where required.

The LÉ EITHNE is awaiting direction from the Italian Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre for next tasking.

To date the LÉ EITHNE has rescued approx 1620 men, women and children.

The LÉ EITHNE departed on the 16th of May from Naval Service Headquarters in Haulbowline, Cork to assist the Italian Authorities in the humanitarian search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

The role of the Irish Naval vessel will be to provide a search and rescue capability and to undertake humanitarian rescue operations at sea in the Mediterranean.  Assistance to persons in distress at sea will be provided in accordance with the applicable provisions of international conventions governing search and rescue situations.  The Naval Service vessel will be deployed in the Mediterranean for a period of up to six months over the summer period, subject to the operational demands and requirements arising in the theatre of operations.

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Press Release Date:  15 June 2015

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