10.15 pm - LÉ NIAMH Rescues 551 People in Operation 55​ KM North of Zuwarah, Libya.

At 8.30 pm Irish time, the LÉ NIAMH, completed the rescue 551 people from a wooden barge 55 kilometres North of Zuwarah.

This morning the LÉ NIAMH was tasked by the Italian Marine Rescue Co Ordination Centre (IMRCC) to investigate a sighting of a possible migrant vessel.

The LÉ NIAMH ​arrived on scene at 10 am approx and deployed two rhibs (rigid hull inflatable boats) to the vessel. While assessing the situation another vessel, described as a fishing boat, was observed approaching LÉ NIAMH with approx 700 people onboard. IMRCC deployed a further four vessels to assist in the operation.

The LÉ NIAMH now has 551 rescued migrants on board (384 male, 96 female and 71 children*) who are receiving water, food and medical assistance where required. The MSF vessel THE BOURBON ARGOS embarked approx 700 migrants from the fishing boat.

The LÉ NIAMH is currently en route to TRAPANI and is expected to arrive at 3 pm tomorrow (27 August 2015).

*Figures for today's operation are provisional until confirmed by Italian Authorities. The LÉ NIAMH has rescued 1997 migrants prior to this operation.

Press Release Date: 26 Aug 2015

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