05 September 2015 - LÉ NIAMH Rescues 329 Migrants From 3 Boats North of Tripoli.

This morning the LÉ NIAMH was tasked by the Italian Marine Rescue Co Ordination Centre (IMRCC) to investigate a sighting of three possible migrant vessels.

The LÉ NIAMH ​arrived on scene at 0950 am approx.

The vessel SEAWATCH was already on scene and had distributed lifejackets to migrants onboard one vessel.

The LÉ NIAMH, appointed On Scene Co-Ordinator (OSC) by the IMRCC, assessed the situation and deployed rhibs (rigid hull inflatable boats) to take the migrants on board. A short time later two migrant craft were located approx 64km N of Tripoli and the LÉ NIAMH embarked all migrants from those vessels.

LÉ NIAMH now has 329 rescued migrants on board (317 male, 11 female and 1 child*) who are receiving water, food and medical assistance where required. Conditions at the time were good with a slight swell.

The LÉ NIAMH is currently en route to the port of Pozzallo and is expected to arrive at 8 am tomorrow.

The LÉ NIAMH has now rescued 3343 migrants since commencing operations in the Mediterranean. ​

*Figures for today's operation are provisional until confirmed by Italian Authorities.

H​igh resolution images of the LÉ NIAMH​'s involvement in today's SAR Operation can be found here.

Press Release Date: 05 September 2015

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