60 Years Peacekeeping1958 - 2018

This year marks the 60th Anniversary of Ireland's first Peacekeeping deployment in 1958.

Since then, Ireland have maintained the longest unbroken service on the front line of peace with over 70,000 individual tours of duty completed by the men and women of Óglaigh na hÉireann.

This year, we remember the 87 members of the Defence Forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of Peace.

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05 September 2015 - LÉ NIAMH Rescues 329 Migrants From 3 Boats North of Tripoli.

This morning the LÉ NIAMH was tasked by the Italian Marine Rescue Co Ordination Centre (IMRCC) to investigate a sighting of three possible migrant vessels.

The LÉ NIAMH ​arrived on scene at 0950 am approx.

The vessel SEAWATCH was already on scene and had distributed lifejackets to migrants onboard one vessel.

The LÉ NIAMH, appointed On Scene Co-Ordinator (OSC) by the IMRCC, assessed the situation and deployed rhibs (rigid hull inflatable boats) to take the migrants on board. A short time later two migrant craft were located approx 64km N of Tripoli and the LÉ NIAMH embarked all migrants from those vessels.

LÉ NIAMH now has 329 rescued migrants on board (317 male, 11 female and 1 child*) who are receiving water, food and medical assistance where required. Conditions at the time were good with a slight swell.

The LÉ NIAMH is currently en route to the port of Pozzallo and is expected to arrive at 8 am tomorrow.

The LÉ NIAMH has now rescued 3343 migrants since commencing operations in the Mediterranean. ​

*Figures for today's operation are provisional until confirmed by Italian Authorities.

H​igh resolution images of the LÉ NIAMH​'s involvement in today's SAR Operation can be found here.

Press Release Date: 05 September 2015

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