04 Nov 2015 - Army Bomb Disposal Team Deployed Twice This Evening.

An Army Bomb Disposal Team rendered safe a viable Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Cork before redeploying to make safe a military spec pyrotechnic washed up in Fethard On Sea this evening.

The Defence Forces deployed the Army Bomb Disposal Team at 2.35 pm in response to a request from An Garda Síochána after a suspect device was found on waste ground in Fairhill, Cork during a planned search of the location. The device was removed from the scene at 3 pm to a safe military location where it was further examined and confirmed as viable. The Defence Forces will assist the Gardaí with their investigation.

4 pm the Army Bomb Disposal Team were deployed to Fethard On Sea where they made safe a large military pyrotechnic that had washed up on Grange Beach.

The item, which is 470 mm in length and 66 mm in diametre and bore a warning to contact Police or Military should it be found, was a C2A2 Military Pyrotechnic that is dropped from aircraft into the sea where it will expel light and smoke for 40 minutes to an hour. The initiation of such a device, used by foreign militaries, contains red phosphorus that could cause serious burns and injury if in the proximity of persons.

Other types of call outs would include conventional munition destruction such as old grenades discovered by members of the public, unstable chemicals and also suspect devices found to be hoaxes.

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Read more About Defence Forces Bomb Disposal Teams

File photos of Bomb Disposal teams can be viewed on our Flickr Channel