Pre-Deployment Training

The purpose of pre deployment training conducted by the the overseas battalion is to raise its level of preparedness in order to allow deployment on Peace Support Operations in the mission area.

Phases of Pre-Deployment Training Phases

As part of its pre deployment training the overseas battalion will spend two months training that follows a Director of Defence Forces Training Circular which outlines what training must be completed and at what stage. The training is divided into four phases with different levels of intensity and responsibility.


Phase 1 is focused on the preparation of the individual and is the responsibility of the Parent Unit Commander focusing on administrative and logistical processing in preparation for phase 2 training. Topics covered include fitness tests, weapons training, personal admin and logistical admin.

Phase 2 is focused on the preparation of the Overseas Companies deploying and is focused on Platoon/Troop and Company level skills. It is the responsibility of the lead brigade to oversee this phase of training coordinated by a Task Force chaired by the Executive Officer of the Brigade. Most likely several companies will be training concurrently to develop and fine tune skills that will be required for overseas deployment. Topics covered in this phase are wide and varied including but not limited to Helicopter drills, Communications, Intelligence, Medical and Map reading

Phase 3 training is focused on the Overseas Battalion and is designed to build on the training in Phase 2 with a view to building a cohesive Unit capable of carrying out its tasks to the standard required for deployment to its operational environment. It involves modules on particular skills for the mission which are then evaluated by means of the Mission Readiness Exercise.

Phase 4 training is conducted whilst deployed in the operational environment and is focused on In-Theatre situational and environmental training to compliment prior training.


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