Mission Readiness Exercises

The exercise is planned and coordinated by a board convened by the Chief Instructor of the Infantry School. Its members comprise of a Military College Officer, SSO OPS/INT/TRG of the DFTC, a representative from the unit to be deployed and a representative from the Lead Brigade for the mission. It is their role to ensue the exercise meets the requirements of the issued Training Circular and to ensure the unit meets the standards required to deploy overseas. As part of this exercise there will be a party of "actors" as well as a panel of umpires who will all contribute to the conduct and evaluation of this exercise.

Mission Readiness Video

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How the exercise is Conducted

Computer Aided Exercise

This is designed to evaluate the Battalion Commander and his Staff in the Military Decision Making Process and to help gel the staff in a close working environment similar to what they will experience overseas.

Situational Training Exercises

These are focused evaluation strands designed to evaluate each platoon in specific skills that will be required on deployment including Communications, Medical, Mine Awareness, Vehicle Recovery, Heli drills and navigation. All personnel in the Manoeuvre companies will be evaluated by instructors from the relevant Defence Forces Schools on their proficiency in these skills.

Battle Inoculation

This exercise is designed to expose the members to live fire exercises to familiarise the troops with live fire and its effects.

Support Weapons Shoot

This exercise is to practise the crews of all the Battalions support weapons in the Drills and skills associated with firing the various support weapons being deployed to the area of operations.

Field Training Exercise

This is designed to evaluate the Battalion at all levels in mission specific incidents that may occur whilst the Battalion is deployed. Skills being assessed are troop leadership and battle procedure, command and control, use of organic assets, and unit tactics. All these skills are assessed under the umbrella of the UN Security Council Resolution that the Battalion will be operating under placing particular emphasis on the Rules of Engagement available to the troops.


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