United Nations Special Commission
UN Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission

September 21 1996 — March 2003

UNSCOM was first established by UNSCR 687 in 1991 following the first Gulf War. Its mandate was to supervise the destruction, removal or rendering harmless of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, ballistic missiles with a range over 150km, and related production facilities and equipment. It also provided for the establishment of a system of ongoing monitoring and verification of Iraq's compliance with the ban on these weapons.

UNSCOM's monitors faced years of difficult obstacles in carrying out their mission due to continuous harassment, duplicity, and lack of co-operation from the Iraqi authorities. 

In June 1993 Iraq's obstruction of the activities of UNSCOM led to air raids by the US and its Coalition allies.

In December 1998, UNSCOM staff was withdrawn from Iraq and in December 1999 the mission was replaced by UNMOVIC.

Operation Details
Duration September 21 1996 — March 2003
Operation type UN led Peacekeeping Operations (Observer) 
Commitment 5 cumulative missions 


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