Second United Nations Emergency Force

30 October 1973 — 6 September 1974

On October 6th 1973 the Yom Kippur War broke out when Israeli forces were attacked on the Golan Heights by the Syrians (with Iraqi, Jordanian, Saudi and Moroccan contingents) and along the Suez Canal by the Egyptians.

After almost three weeks of heavy fighting a cease-fire was agreed on October 22nd - although General Sharon's Israeli forces continued with an offensive until October 24th. 

The following day the UN Security Council adopted a resolution authorising an emergency peacekeeping force - UNEF II.

The quickest way to get a UN force into the region was to transfer existing contingents from UNFICYP. The Irish Government acceded to a request to supply troops and 25 Infantry Group was pulled out of Cyprus, before it had barely settled in, and flown to Cairo.

The Irish contingent was augmented by 130 extra troops from Ireland, and took up duties in the Sinai Desert.  After six months, the enlarged 25 Infantry Group was replaced by 26 Infantry Group, who were only settling in when serious developments at home caused the Irish Government to withdraw all but a handful of the unit in May 1974.

Irish commitment to the mission ended completely in September of that year.

Operation Details
Duration 30 October 1973 — 6 September 1974
Operation type UN led Peacekeeping Operations (Troops)
Commitment 573 cumulative missions 


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