United Nations Military Liaison Office in Yugoslavia United Nations Protection Force

January 1992 — January 1996

Following the ceasefire in the war between Serbia and Croatia a force of liaison officers (LOs), drawn from UNTSO and UNIKOM, was established in the former Yugoslavia to operate at the headquarters of both warring sides along the peace-line. Their function was to enhance communications between the two sides and to seek information on alleged breaches of the ceasefire.  With the establishment of UNPROFOR the s undertook the task of meeting and briefing the advance recce parties. Most of the LOs operated in Croatia but there were some in Bosnia.
After UNPROFORs establishment, the UNMLO group was disbanded. Most of the LOs returned to their former missions although two Irish officers remained on as part of UNPROFOR.  Initially established in Croatia to ensure demilitarization of designated areas, UNPROFORs mandate was subsequently extended to cover Bosnia Herzegovina to support the delivery of humanitarian relief and to monitor 'no fly' zones and safe areas. The mandate was later extended to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) for preventive monitoring in border areas.

Operation Details
Duration:  January 1992 — January 1996
Operation type:  UN led Peacekeeping Operations (Observer) 
Commitment: 36 cumulative missions 

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