United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador

January 1992 — May 1994

On the day that ONUCA was terminated, observers from that mission converged on El Salvador to staff the new ONUSAL Mission.

ONUSAL's establishment followed the signing of a peace accord between the El Salvadorian government and the Cuban-backed FMLN rebels, who had been fighting since 1979. The key aspects of the accord were a 50% reduction of the El Salvadorian Army; the legalising of FMLN as a legitimate political party and the destruction of its weaponry; and the establishment of a new police force to include a percentage of FMLN supporters.

Under ONUSAL's supervision, the terms of the Accord were mostly achieved. The reduction of the Army was completed six months ahead of time, by July 1992. The FMLN was legalised in December 1992, and complete demobilisation of its troops was achieved in January 1993. Irish commitment to this mission ended in May 1994.

Operation Details
Duration: January 1992 — May 1994
Operation type:   UN led Peacekeeping Operations (Observer) 
Commitment: 6 cumulative missions 

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