Past Overseas Missions

Through our overseas activities with the United Nations, Partnership for Peace and various Humanitarian agencies, the Defence Forces has proven to be a loyal ambassador and representative of the people of Ireland.

Please see below the complete list of our involvement in past overseas operations.


The break-up of the former USSR (Soviet Union) and the re-emergence of nationalism has led to the requirement for peacekeeping forces to be deployed in parts of Central and Eastern Europe. As a result Ireland has provided military personnel, not only to the United Nations, but also to the European Community (EC), now the European Union (EU), and to the Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE).

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Middle East

From its early days the UN has been concerned with the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. Since 1948 there have been five wars directly connected with this conflict, resulting in five UN peacekeeping operations. However, war in the region has not been confined to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The outbreak of hostilities between Iran and Iraq from 1980 to 1988, and Iraq and Kuwait in 1991, led to further peacekeeping operations in this region.

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Central America

During the early 1990s the United Nations (UN) cooperated with the Organization of American States (OAS) to end violent conflict in Central America. On their own initiative, regional members of the OAS agreed to a general set of intermediate goals on the path to peace in the region. Irelands involvement began in 1989 with the ONUCA mission

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The Defence Forces commenced its first contribution to overseas service in Africa in 1960. This was a watershed in the history of the Defence Forces.

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The Defence Forces commenced their involvement in Asian overseas service in 1962, when 2 Officers were sent as observers, to West Irian (the western half of New Guinea) .

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