EU Battlegroup (NBG)


The Battlegroup (BG) is a specific form of the EU’s rapid response elements and is one possible answer to the timely provision of the necessary capabilities for an EU rapid response operation.

In this context a BG

  • is the minimum militarily effective, credible, rapidly deployable, coherent force package
  • capable of stand-alone operations, or for the initial phase of larger operations;
  • is based on a combined arms, battalion sized force and reinforced with Combat Support and Combat Service Support elements;
  • will be based on the principle of multinationality and can be formed by a Framework Nation or a multinational coalition of Member States. In any case, interoperability and military effectiveness have to be the key criteria;
  • must be associated with a (F)HQ and pre-identified operational and strategic enablers, such as strategic lift and logistics.


  • Designed for a range of possible missions
  • Generic composition of a BG = +/- 1500 troops
  • All deployment assets & capabilities will be associated with it
  • Sustainability: 30 days initially, extendable to 120, if re-supplied appropriately
  • Close relation between the core of the BG (Infantry Battalion) and the (F)HQ; prior training and interoperability required


  • Utility across all Treaty + ESS tasks; full potential best in tasks of combat forces in crisis management, bearing in mind their limited size
  • Could be on request of the UN or under UN mandate
  • Potential area: outside EU (possibly for long range operations)
  • Concurrency: 2 single BG ops
  • Number on standby: minimum 2
  • Readiness: 5 - 10 days
  • Assured deployability
  • Training and certification is MS responsibility

BG provision

  • Different ways of construction of BG-Package; tailoring by the OpCdr possible
  • MS indicate stand-by time and recurrence of BG-Package
  • MS to offer complete BG-Packages, which may be different the next time they are offered
  • BG needs to be both militarily effective and based on the principle of multinationality
  • Battle Group Co-ordination Conference twice a year.

Defence Forces Personnel on NBG Training


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